Portable CNC Plasma & Flame Cutting Machine

Portable CNC Plasma & Flame Cutting Machine

This CNC portable plasma cutter has CNC function like the large gantry CNC cutting machine; it can cut any complex plane figure, applying to oxygen, gas flame cutting and plasma cutting. Like the semi-automatic cutting carriage, this machine is convenient and flexible, free to move, not occupying the fixed site.


  • Model: HBE2016-1600X3400
  • Economic,light weight;Compact!
  • Both plasma and flame cutting
  • Standard working size 1600x3400mm
  • Size can be extended to 1600x8000mm
  • External THC easy to adjustment
  • Shanghai FL controller.

Applications :

  • Used in sheet metal processing, aviation, aerospace, electronics, electrical appliances, tube fittings, automobile, food machinery, textile machinery,
  • engineering machinery, precision parts, ships, metallurgy equipment, elevators, household appliances, craft gifts, tool processing, decoration,advertising, metal processing and other manufacturing industries.

Applicable materials :

  • Stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, silicon steel, spring steel, aluminum, aluminum alloy,
  • galvanized sheet, aluminum coated zinc plate, pickling board, copper, silver, gold, titanium and other sheet metal and pipe cutting.


  • high precision, fast speed, narrow kerf width, minimum heat affected zone, the cutting face smooth without burr.
  • the most narrow kerf width, minimum heat affected zone, the local deformation of workpiece, no mechanical deformation.
  • the processing flexibility, can be processing any graphics, can also cutting pipes and other profiles.
  • can be steel plate, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, hard alloy, etc. Any hardness material without deformation of the cutting. China sell portable cnc plasma machine for metal cutting


Model HBE2016-1600X3400
Power Supply Voltage 220V/110V
Power Supply Frequency 50HZ / 60HZ
Rated Power Supply 180W
LCD Display Dimension 7.0Inches
Effective Cutting Width (X axis) 1600mm
Effective Cutting Length (Y axis) 3400mm
Cutting Speed 0-3000mm per minute
Plasma Cutting Thickness 2–22mm ( Depends on plasma power source capacity)
Flame Cutting Thicness 5-150mm mild steel
Certificate CE, ISO9001:2000
Cross Beam Length 2200mm
Longitudinal Rail Length 4000mm
Longitudinal Rail Width 196mm
Host Machine Dimension (L*W*H mm) 508*344*305
Cross Beam Weight 9.3kg
Host Machine Weight 26.7kg
Longitudinal Rail Weight 34.5kg
Total Net Weight 70.5kg
Plasma Power Source Victor Cutmaster151 ,CutmasterA120 Hypertherm PowerMAX 1000/1250/1650/45/65/85/105
ESAB ESP101,Any other brand plasma supply
Plasma Air Only press Air
Plasma Air Pressure Max.0.8 Mpa